Why I’m passionate about mind machines

Julian Chi, founder of ChiMindMachine.com

Hello! This is Julian Chi, founder of ChiMindMachine.com. This site is soon going to be informative!

Mind machines use light and sound to stimulate your brainwaves. They help with studying, sleep, and meditation (my favorite!).

As someone who’s been using mind machines for eight years, I think they are game changers in your life.

I can focus and stay productive at work thanks to my meditation machine. Moreover, I used to have trouble falling asleep. But now, with the help of a bedtime routine and the right device, I’m able to relax and fall asleep quickly.

I’m a firm believer in the potential of modern mind machines to serve people at their best. That’s why I work hard to spread the word about the benefits they can provide us.

Stay tuned for more!